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Meaning of Orchha is ‘hidden place’ and it justifies its name truly. Located in the state, but with beautiful monuments, both big and small, unfold saga of battles among the kings, emperors and Maharajas Orchha deserves a trip of its own.

Orchha was instituted by Maharaja Rudra Pratap Singh in 1501. The mediaeval city has since justly ingrain in time. Its various monuments continue to retain their original magnificence even as the city itself seems like enough content to be hidden away from the multitude of tourists that get off upon the state year after year.

The Orchha fort complex is the gretest tourist draw of this small town. You can purchase a ticket here that will allow you to access to all the sights in this town. The fort complex itself can be divided in three parts:

The Raj Mahal was constructed by Madhukar Shah in the 17th century. His deeply religious values are showcased in the design: the glorious frescos are bold and colorful and revolve around religious themes. A well-tipped roadbook will be exited to open the doors of various chambers for you.

Rai Parveen Mahal is dedicated to the poetess-musician, Rai Parveen, Raja Indramani’s (1672- 76) inamorata

The presiding deity is Lord Rama in the Ram Raja temple of the center of Orchha whose idol was supposed to be established in the spectacular Chaturbhuj temple. Chaturbhuj temple is yet another attractive example of architecture.Today, it houses the facsimile of Radha-Krishna.

Home of some of the very most excellent wall paintings in Orchha, the Laxminarayan temple is must-visit place yet another. The frescos are well-preserved and the colors of the frescos retain most of their sappieness.

The undershot palace in Orchha is the Sunder Mahal that was built by Prince Dhurjban who enters upon Islam after his wedding of a Muslim girl and Sunder Mahal became a pilgrimage place for Muslim people.

Best time to visit Orchha is the months of January, February, March and October, November, December.

Best place to stay in Orchha is Bundelkhand king palace which is a very main heritage hotel.

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