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Gwalior is the big city in the state and very famous for its monuments or magnificent forts. People come to see this from so far. The city is famous for its outstanding places.

 Gwalior is the historic city and ancient district of Madhya Pradesh the prince of Kachchhawa clan-Suraj Sen during 8th century had lost his way in the forest and then ultimately walks up on an isolated hill and met a sage Gwalipa and who surprisingly influenced him. Ha was led to a pond on asking for water and then the prince Suraj Sen wished to give him something in return he refuses the return and he ask to construct a fort on the hill. The prince built the fort named Gwalior Fort. After the construction of fort a city was developed around it had famous as Gwalior City. The city was ruled by many emperors like Mughals, Marathas, Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi, Tatya Tope and British.

 The architecture of the fort is emblem and it is honored as “Gibraltar of India”. “Pearl in the garlands of forts of hind” Babur (a Mughal emperor) gave the name to this fort. The city is full enriched by the culture and heritage of Madhya Pradesh and India as well.

The fine architecture, culture and the temples and majesty of forts attracts many tourists and make the city very popular in the eyes of tourist the city added the advantage the Indian Tourism Industry by attracting more visitors Indian and foreign as well. Visitors come to explore the temples, vibrant history of the city, and pretty mosques.

Best time to visit: – The best time to explore the beautifulness of the city is the time of festivals.

How to reach Gwalior: – visitors can reach the city by road ways may with the help of train or bus.

Best places to visit in Gwalior: –

The extraordinary temple of Sun;

The fort embraces temples;

The Palaces and the Mosques.

 Gwalior is also famous as Fort City of India because of having majesty forts and the fine infrastructure of the city.

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