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Pushkar is renowned for Brahma Temple built in the 14th century standing near Pushkar Lake. This is the only one temple in the world where Lord Brahma, Creator of the Universe is worshipped. Pushkar is a city of over 500 temples and Ghats, it is also known for its annual Camel Fair, held.

Essence of Pushkar

Languages:- Rajasthani, Hindi and , English

Best time to Visit Udaipur:-  September –March

State: – Rajasthan

Climate: – Tropical

Temperature: – Summer (28.8° C to 42.3° C) & Winter (2.5° C to 28.8° C)

Seasons: – Winter (November-February, Monsoon (July-September), summer (March-June)

Cuisine:-Rajasthani food and Different country foods

Religions: – Hindu, Jainism, Sikhism, Islamic

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